Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Wash

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

I have a hard time with my skin, foam cleansers dry out my skin and cream cleansers tend to make my skin all shiny so I was very happy when I found a face wash that didn't dry my skin out, make it shiny and also helped with the odd breakout. 

It happens to be Neutrogena's visibly clear pink grapefruit face wash, the reason I think this works so well is because it happens to be a citrus based cleanser. I spoke about these before in my post about getting glowing skin, which you can find here.

This cleanser soaps up well and smells lovely, it has a fresh grapefruit smell which also helps wake you up in the morning. My skin is no longer dry and tight after using it and it has really helped to clear up my skin, even during that horrible period once a month.
It comes in a bottle with a pump which is excellent as then there are no germs getting in the bottle from your hands touching it etc. Due to the pump it disperses just the right amount you need and it lasts for ages! Mine has easily lasted about a month and a half and that's with my partner recently starting to use it as well for his problem skin twice a day.

We all have some sort of beauty regime in the morning and this is very quick and simple to use, great for mummy's on the go like me. I rarely have 5 minutes to myself in the bathroom so a quick face wash like this, toner and moisturiser and I'm good to go. This is usually whilst my youngest who is 7 is brushing his teeth next to me. 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

I really have noticed a difference in my skin whilst using this face wash, my skin looks brighter and healthier whilst breakouts are far between now and seem to go rather quick when I do have them. It is a great price to at just £4.94. Less than £5.00 and lasts a long time, great! You can buy it from Superdrug here

Will you or have you tried this face wash, what did you think? 


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