My Nail Care Routine

Friday, 15 January 2016

Nail Care Routine

Once a week I give my nails a really good pampering, usually on a Sunday morning and I tend to not paint my nails till the evening, giving them some breathing time.
I love doing this, my nails look really nice and healthy when you have finished and eventually over time it starts strengthening them, I really notice a difference when I don't do it, they start to break and peel so I have to keep it up every week if I want lovely nails.

I start off by filling a bowl with warm water and just recently I have been adding a cap full of bath oil to the bowl for an extra pamper. I trim my nails back down to the length I like and file them using a glass nail file. I then buff them using Models own 4 in 1 nail file.

Nail Care Routine

Using a cuticle massage cream I rub a small amount on my cuticles and up my side walls and then give them a good soak for a few minutes in the bowl of water. I use SkinTruth - the packaging is different as they have had a packaging re-model since I brought mine. I find because you only need a tiny bit for each nail it lasts for months.
Take you hands out the water and make sure you completely dry them, then take your cuticle remover - again I use SkinTruth Cuticle Remover, this also last for a good few months as you will only need a tiny bit for each nail. Use a cuticle tool or or finger wrapped in cotton wool and gently push back the cuticles and scrap away loose bits on the nail bed. Wash it off and dry your hands thoroughly.

Nail Care Routine

I then swipe my nails with an O.P.I cuticle oil, this I can't seem to find anywhere anymore, I bulk brought some beginning of last year as it was on offer and I still have one left after I finish the one I'm using. I think I will be on the hunt for a new one when I need to buy more which is a shame as I love the one I use. I also use a good hand cream and rub it into my hands I am currently using No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream.

Nail Care Routine

 I let that do it's thing, usually topping up the hand cream through out the day and then in the evening I will sit down and pick out a colour and give them a lovely polish. When they are fully dry I give them another swipe with the cuticle oil and hand cream.

Do you give your hands a good pamper? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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