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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Up and Moving | Tea And Beauty

So about a month ago now we decided to move from the Midlands, 350 miles away to a place called Honiton in Devon. This was something that we had been thinking about for a while, but when Matt had a phone call saying his transfer had come through earlier than expected, he decided to just go for with it.

Due to planning to do it next year, we weren't actually in a place to move, but thankfully for us we have family here that were willing to help us and put us up till we got a house sorted. We have been here nearly a month now and it's fair to say we are all glad we did it, it has been the best decision we ever made.

Non of us have been homesick and even the kids have said many times how much they love it here, and that they don't want to go back to Burton. They have been doing fantastic at school and have both settled in extremely well.

Whilst I have been looking for a job, I have continued to work my make up and skincare business. I actually only set this up a week before we found out we were moving - not ideal but never mind. This however has given me chance to explore the sites of Honiton a little bit.
My favourite place so far has to be The Glen, it's a lovely little place where people go to walk their dogs or just to generally take a stroll. It is almost like a mini forest area, full of trees, a little river but also has an open area to sit in the sun and have a picnic.

Up and Moving | Tea And Beauty

Up and Moving | Tea And Beauty

Up and Moving | Tea And Beauty

Up and Moving | Tea And Beauty

There are plenty of places to eat as well, and Exeter is a 25 minute train journey where they have all the big stores like John Lewis, Next, Selfridges the list goes on.

As I sit here writing this, I am also getting ready to move into our own house next Tuesday, we have found a beautiful three bed-roomed house, with a garden, a bathroom and a toilet room downstairs but best of all there is a built in fridge freezer, washer/dryer and a dishwasher. I will admit the dishwasher sold me alone, I have always wanted one and I am finally getting one. Although Christmas won't be the same now, it has become tradition that I cook the dinner and Matt washes the pots whilst putting the Christmas music on. However when I mentioned this I got told to get lost, the dishwasher will be used *haha*.

I will over the next few weeks share more of Honiton and even our house once it's all set up with you.

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