Avon Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Avon Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara | Tea And Beauty

I always wear mascara, whether I have a full face, the au naural 'look' or literally bare faced. The problem I have though is I have quite long lashes to begin with, so finding a mascara that doesn't make my lashes look like spider legs is harder than you think. So when I came across Avon's new Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara I just had to try it.

Now the thing that actually drew me to this one was the benefits of wearing it, this is not your average joe mascara, oh no! This one is infused with coconut and argan oils.
So as you are wearing it the coconut oil will work from root to tip to reinforce every lash strand. Whilst that is working the argan oil will help to deeply condition and soften your lashes. How amazing does that sound?

The question is though, does it actually work?
My lashes have always been a bit on the coarse side, lets be honest, how many of us just stick on our mascara and then scrub it off at night? This is usually what I tend to do, so no surprise my lashes are like that. I have been using this for about a fortnight now daily and I must admit I have noticed a difference, they really do seem a lot softer than they were before.

Avon Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara | Tea And Beauty

I also love the fact that even with two or even three coats my lashes look amazing. They don't look spidery, they are spaced out and not clumped together but yet still managing to look long.
I love the wand that you get with this, it is specially designed to space the lashes and make them look natural. There are two different shades there is black and brown/black.

Avon Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara | Tea And Beauty

Avon Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara | Tea And Beauty

This normally retails at £10.00 but because Avon are so amazing, they always seem to have deals on products. Like this one, In brochure 4 which you can get from Wednesday it is on offer for just £5.00 so go and grab one here whilst you can because I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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